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Please complete as much of this preliminary questionnaire as possible; your business plan writer will be happy to later assist with any areas that you are unsure about. You can use as much space as you require. Your business plan writer will contact you with follow up questions that are more specific to your business.

  • Business Plans direct helped thousands of businesses secure the finance they need to grow
  • A Business Plan can enable you to apply for Start-up Loans
  • Business Plans Direct will guide you through the whole process
  • Business Plans Direct will allocate a Business Plan writer for your business
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Assumptions for sales forecasts will be covered separately in later communications. This will include areas such as pricing, expected volume of sales, and direct costs of sales. Your business plan writer will inform you about the cost of the service (£550 for loans up to £50,000 / £750 for loans over £50,000). and will be able to assist with suggestions wherever required.